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Greedy Wolf Studio is a game development studio in Taipei, Taiwan.

Welcome to the official site of Greedy Wolf Studio, an independent game development studio in Taipei City since 2018. Our hardworking team is dedicated to ensuring that games Greedy Wolf Studio creates are cool, fun and exciting.

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Inspired by Wordle, Bulls and Cows (or some call 1A2B,) Numbo-5, or simply Numbo, is a free math puzzle browser game where you need to guess the position of 5-digit numbers in 5 tries.

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Cardnarok: Raid with Gods


Recruit Gods and Goddesses from the greatest stories ever told. Meet Hermes, Zeus, Athena, Anubis, Isis, and more


Each Expedition is procedurally generated, revealing new paths, loot, and creatures.

Master Divine Powers

Special ‘Divine Cards’ morph and change based on the deity currently leading the charge.


Health will not be automatically restored after level up or battle. How far can you push in each Expedition?

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Frank has been in the gaming industry since 2000. He is an ex-Blizzard employee and used to work in goGame, a subsidiary of Sega. He founded Greedy Wolf Studio in 2018, a small team of three developers, having combined over 35 years of game development experience under their belt.

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